Lost Trails of the Cimarron 
2nd Edition

by Harry E. Chrisman

Lost Trails of the Cimarron is a folk history of nineteenth-century Cimarron country, a region that includes southwestern Kansas, southeastern Colorado, and the neutral strip of Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle. 

First came the buffalo hunters, followed by cowboys and settlers who formed a vast economy based on grass and beef, the beginnings of prominent cattle ranches.

Chrisman details the history of the outlaws and ruffians of "No Man’s Land" and trail drives to Dodge City and beyond. Numerous illustrations accompany the anecdotes and stories of various frontier personalities.

This book contains a map placing the different cattle outfits by brand where they occupied open range. In the back of the volume is a listing of brands from the 1885 Brand Book of the Western Kansas Cattle Growers Association, listing the name of the owner, the foreman, and an illustration of the brand.


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